Boy Scout Troop 485 Jax, FL -
"Delivering the Promise"

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Camp Comer - Troop 485 - Summer Camp 2004

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The camp guide is brought to you in part by the Scouts in Communication Merit Badge. Keep checking as it may be the end of July before all of the photos and articles are compiled.

Sunday July 4th 

by Patrick F.

Well we left for the trip at 6:30 AM. The Trip was OK. We saw a lot of cool stuff on the trip. We could not buy any stuff on the way. We had to eat what the leaders bought at the store. We listened to music in the car.

We had bagels for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch. We arrived at camp at 3:30 PM and got signed in and got our stuff unpacked. We ate dinner in the mess hall.

When we got back to camp we got our stuff ready for the first full day and went to sleep.

Monday July 5th

by Hal L.

Today was our first full day in Camp. Some find the Camp experience satisfactory, while others are disappointed. One of the Cobras got sick several times during dinner, but is feeling OK now.

The scouts are finding their classes, and all are enjoying them. So far the favorite instructor is "Captain Howdy", who teaches Geology and Forestry.

Though most of the troop is in high spirits, some are starting to feel the pangs of homesickness.

Overall people are having fun and the camp sprit is high. A lot of the scouts will come home with new nicknames given by the counselors or fellow scouts.

It has been a good first day and we are looking forward to the rest of the week.

Breakfast - scrambled eggs, biscuits, gravy, grits, cereal, OJ, and milk. 

Lunch - BBQ chicken on a bun, chips, baked beans, apple sauce, coleslaw, potato salad, milk, and Kool-Aid.

Dinner - pork loin, rice, gravy, carrots, green beans, cake, rolls, milk, and tea.


Tuesday July 6th 

This night was the Scoutmaster Supper. The leaders were treated to steak and a low-country boil with shrimp, sausage, corn, and potatoes. For dessert there was cobbler and ice cream.

The scouts had dinner in the mess hall and had chicken pot pie. Most Scoutmasters had camp counselors watch over their Troops. Troop 485 put Jordan and Josh were in charge of the Troop for the evening with the leaders away. Our two Senior Patrol leaders for the week did a great job. When the leaders returned everything was quiet in camp and most of the boys were in bed early. Not many Scouts wait for the 10 PM taps.


Wednesday July 7th



Thursday July 8th

by Raymond F.

The food here is bad, but getting better and better each day. Breakfast is the best meal, but the eggs are watery. Lunch is okay. We get chicken nuggets a lot as a side dish with our meal.

Last night five of us missed the best peach cobbler ever. We had to sleep over night in a shelter for Wilderness Survival merit badge. The leaders did bring us some of the left-over ice cream. It was melted, but it was good. We shared with all of the scouts in our class.


Friday July 9th



Saturday July 10th