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Boy Scout Troop 485 Jax, FL -
"Delivering the Promise"


Legend has it that Lord Baden-Powell would always take a small amount of ashes from the campfire and spread these ashes into the next campfire. The main purpose of these ashes is to bring to all Scouts and Scouters the International aspect of the world brotherhood of Scouting.

Ashes taken from a campfire are sprinkled into the flames of the next Campfire. The next morning, when the ashes are cold, they are stirred, And each scout takes some along to mix with his next campfire.

"We carry our friendship, which is in these ashes from other campfires,
with other comrades in other lands.
May the joining of the dead fires with the leaping flames,
symbolize once more the unbroken chain,
that binds Scouts of all nations together in the World Brotherhood of Scouting."

Lord Baden-Powell - 1907 Brownsea Island