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"Delivering the Promise"


The world record for tying 6 Scout Knots (square knot, sheet bend, sheep shank, clove hitch, round turn and two half hitches, and bowline) was established in 1977 by Clinton Bailey of Pacific City, Oregon. This is according to the Guinness book of World Records. He did this in 8.1 seconds. 

The 6 basic Scout knots below are the current basic knot requirements in your Handbook. 

Can you set a  record? 

linerope.gif (6198 bytes)

Splice a rope





Square knot Scout End Lashings, tie bandages  Square Knot
Tautline hitch 2nd Class Adjustable loop single line


Tautline Hitch


Two half hitches  2nd Class Attach rope to a pole or eye  Half Hitch
Bowline 1st Class Rescue loop -- will not slip 

version 1, version 2


Timber Hitch  1st Class

Begin diagonal lashing 


Timber Hitch
Clove hitch  1st Class Begin Square lashing  version 1, version 2

Animated Knots from the Web

Figure Eight KnotLarks HeadOverhand knot,  Thief Knot

Sheet Bend version 1, version 2