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Boy Scout Troop 485 Jax, FL -
"Delivering the Promise"

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Old Scrapbook

St. Augustine Religious Award  

(coming soon)

Court of Honor

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Laura Walker State Park

Cumberland Island National Seashore

100_0078.JPG (55942 bytes) 100_0079.JPG (109499 bytes) 100_0080.JPG (65324 bytes) 100_0083.JPG (90364 bytes) 100_0084.JPG (72184 bytes) Dungeness Mansion
100_0086.JPG (73419 bytes) 100_0087.JPG (95748 bytes) Wild horses 100_0091.JPG (81943 bytes) 100_0090.JPG (93815 bytes) Campsite Chapel
100_0096.JPG (86932 bytes) 100_0097.JPG (66248 bytes) The best climbing tree 100_0098.JPG (77601 bytes) 100_0100.JPG (78044 bytes) Ray and Eddie

Jennings State Forest Hike - December 2003

6Dec2003 001.jpg (104480 bytes) 6Dec2003 002.jpg (100007 bytes) 6Dec2003 006.jpg (125401 bytes) Checking out a gopher tortoise hole 6Dec2003 008.jpg (118368 bytes) Tree identification time.
6Dec2003 009.jpg (112802 bytes) 6Dec2003 010.jpg (84302 bytes) Looking up a hollow tree at the sky. 6Dec2003 012.jpg (114145 bytes) 6Dec2003 014.jpg (149518 bytes) Pine tree cut for turpentine collection.

Ad Altare Dei at Baptism

mini-100_0038.JPG (76581 bytes) Resurrection Parish mini-100_0033.JPG (72212 bytes) mini-100_0032.JPG (71271 bytes) mini-100_0036.JPG (83051 bytes) mini-100_0030.JPG (69686 bytes)

Camping and Tubing - August 2003

Summer Camp - check this page

Webelos Bridging to the Troop - March 2003

    Stay tuned!

Camping Merit Badge Backpacking - February 2003    

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Yorktown Weekend - December 2002

It was cold, it was windy, it was the best trip since summer camp!

york28.jpg (109286 bytes) york08.jpg (139521 bytes) york14.jpg (46224 bytes) Bunk Room and Dinner york09.jpg (164293 bytes) york11.jpg (125984 bytes)
york03.jpg (170245 bytes) york19.jpg (130429 bytes) Fort Sumter york22.jpg (167290 bytes) york18.jpg (128286 bytes) The submarine.
york27.jpg (121131 bytes) york16.jpg (131262 bytes) york02.jpg (386255 bytes) Yorktown york26.jpg (120052 bytes) .york20.jpg (110073 bytes)
york17.jpg (139872 bytes) Dentistry merit badge with a Leatherman tool. york21.jpg (124972 bytes) The air wing york24.jpg (120334 bytes) The Scoutmaster on the bridge
york12.jpg (141570 bytes) york07.jpg (149923 bytes) The Vietnam river base

Climbing Merit Badge

climb08.jpg (87998 bytes) learning the basics climb04.jpg (80943 bytes) senior patrol leader climb07.jpg (94742 bytes) vertical treadmill
climb11.jpg (102515 bytes) climb09.jpg (96890 bytes) bouldering climb06.jpg (76270 bytes) climb12.jpg (100551 bytes) solo climbs
climb05.jpg (92902 bytes) help on the overhang