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Boy Scout Troop 485 Jax, FL -
"Delivering the Promise"

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Camp Rainy Mountain - Troop 485 - Summer Camp 2005

Sunday July 3

There were 22 scouts and 4 adults this year for summer camp -- an all time high. We left the school about 45 minutes late, but we still made it to Camp Rainey Mountain by 3:40 pm. We stopped in the Georgia rest area for breakfast and just east of Atlanta for lunch. While Eddie checked the Troop into the camp, the boys took a tour and then went to the lake for swim tests.

For dinner we had meat loaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, and cake. The food is good, but the portions are set for the average 120 boy scout. The leaders and the older boys will trim down  by the end of the week.

After dinner there was a non-denominational church service and a mass. Several leaders and boys attended the mass. Stephan B. and Logan L. were readers for the mass.

Right after "lights-out" the sky opened up and it rained about 2 inches. Everyone stayed dry and enjoyed the sound of rain on the tent. 

Monday July 4

By morning the sky was clear and blue. The whole troop dressed in flag t-shirts for the Fourth, and enjoyed a breakfast of waffles, sausage, cereal, milk, and juice. The classes started at 9 am and everyone made it to their first class on time.

For lunch we had hamburgers, fries, apple sauce, and cookies.

Dinner was burritos, nachos, salad, apple sauce, and popsicles. 

We are camping with Troop 62 from Georgia. Our Troop and theirs have organized a morning and an evening running group for the wrestlers, and cross county runners. The leaders have an afternoon nap group.

mini-100_0153.JPG (28209 bytes)
Vikings at basketry
mini-100_0157.JPG (31301 bytes)
Matt at archery
mini-100_1030.JPG (26801 bytes)
Troop at check-in
mini-100_1032.JPG (28242 bytes)
Troop at check-in
mini-100_0159.JPG (31688 bytes)
Shane at Rifle
mini-100_1062.JPG (28869 bytes) mini-100_1063.JPG (28826 bytes)
Dinner time
mini-100_1076.JPG (32498 bytes)
climbing tower
mini-100_1080.JPG (36141 bytes)
Cope course
mini-100_1084.JPG (30238 bytes)
Patrick at archery
mini-100_1086.JPG (29600 bytes)
Ethan at archery
mini-100_1091.JPG (18922 bytes)
Eddie telling stories
mini-0469633-R1-007-2.jpg (28607 bytes)
Catholic Chapel

Tuesday July 5

Another night of rain, but blue skies by breakfast. It sure is easy to sleep with the sound of rain on the tents.  We had eggs and bacon for breakfast, and hot dogs for lunch. Dinner tonight is steak for the leaders and beef stew for the scouts (last week's leftover steak).

The scouts are keeping up with classes and homework for the second day. Ethan, Shane, Matt, and Justin are all on the way to qualifying at the rifle range. Matt is also an ace at the archery range. Andy is working hard at swim lessons at the same time that Troy, Michael, and Raymond are in rowing. Joe built his shelter for wilderness survival and it hoping the nightly rain lets up.

Luke, Joseph, Luke, and Stephen are learning how to make baskets, and Stephen has earned this years "finger-carving" award. 

Bradley rappelled down the high tower for the first time. When he went over the top he couldn't remember his name, but he overcame and made a clean drop down the wall. He is well on the way to earn Climbing Merit Badge for the week. 

Our Troop is getting along well with Troop 62. Troy has a scout from Henry County that he runs with in the afternoon, Hal found the "Star Wars" nuts, and Shane and "Little Guy" are taking Orienteering together.  The leaders have hit it off well and shared a fine steak dinner last night on "Leaders Appreciation Night". The leaders have moved on to the "Advanced" napping that requires the ability to sleep and continue rocking in the rocking chair.

Ray and Joe drove up to the rafting company and pre-paid for Saturday. We will be on the Nantahala River by 9am, eat lunch on the river, and finish at the Nantahala Outdoor Center (where the Olympic Kayak Team trains). After rafting we will drive in to Franklin, NC for a pizza buffet.

Troy, Michael, Raymond, Melnard, Andy, and Jordon entered the Scout Skills competition last night. We did OK, but the first event was a compass course, and Melnard borrowed a defective compass from another troop. By the time the team recovered form that they had to scramble to make up ground. They had a great time as the final event was a canoe race -- without paddles. At least everyone was able to a dip in the lake.

Most of the Troop was asleep by 9 last night, but a group lead by Logan, Joseph, and Matt stayed up past 11 watching a mother box turtle laying eggs in the campsite. It was quite a site as egg after egg came out of this little turtle. Photos later.

mini-100_1077.JPG (37679 bytes)
climbing lodge
mini-100_1083.JPG (20991 bytes)
mini-100_1092.jpg (33387 bytes)
Guy, Troop 62 Scoutmaster
mini-100_1124.JPG (34075 bytes) waiting for lunch
mini-100_0163.JPG (33313 bytes)
archery range
mini-100_0164.JPG (31697 bytes)
handicraft lodge
mini-100_1123.JPG (23809 bytes) mini-100_0161.JPG (29734 bytes) mini-100_0160.JPG (30177 bytes)
mini-100_1117.JPG (27210 bytes)
mini-100_1118.JPG (28703 bytes) mini-100_1119.JPG (20360 bytes) mini-100_1120.JPG (19667 bytes) Vikings in basketry merit badge
mini-100_1130.JPG (34135 bytes)
Asher, Joseph, Mark
mini-100_1132.JPG (25741 bytes) Turtle hunters


Wednesday July 6

Last night was the first night without rain, but the temperature dropped down into the 60's. Today is traditionally the hardest day for the scouts. There is a lot of homework to finish, and the high adventure scouts start the hard work. Several pieces of mail and several boxes from home came today.

Still no sign of homesick scouts. Logan has optioned to stay for the second week. Luke would like a third. The parents can just mail the Scoutmaster a check.

We can't promise daily reports from camp -- but we will keep trying. The camp has one phone and a dial-up internet that the staff and leaders can share. We have been lucky so far.

mini-0469887-R1-029-13.jpg (31770 bytes) mini-0469887-R1-037-17.jpg (24916 bytes)
Homework tent
mini-0469888-R1-036-16A.jpg (23060 bytes) mini-0469888-R1-038-17A.jpg (24982 bytes) mini-0469888-R1-044-20A.jpg (23416 bytes)
mini-0469889-R1-013-5.jpg (28511 bytes) mini-0469889-R1-015-6.jpg (28045 bytes)
waiting for lunch
mini-0469889-R1-019-8.jpg (27452 bytes) mini-0469889-R1-021-9.jpg (26356 bytes) mini-0469889-R1-029-13.jpg (18291 bytes)
mini-0469889-R1-031-14.jpg (28658 bytes) mini-0469889-R1-045-21.jpg (26819 bytes)
Staff going to dinner
mini-100_1140.JPG (26304 bytes)
Stephan and Logan
mini-100_1143.JPG (24411 bytes)
Hal and Troy
mini-100_1147.JPG (25055 bytes)
Shane and Sherwin
mini-100_1161.JPG (31651 bytes)
mini-100_1163.JPG (24585 bytes)
mini-0469888-R1-052-24A.jpg (27520 bytes)


Thursday July 7.

Patrick - "Can we go to Uncle Terry's -- it's just a ten mile hike?"
Shane - "I forgot what food tastes like."
Gaby - "I miss my bed."
Sherwin - "Don't worry Mom - -I'm still alive."
Matt - "Have a bed and a lot of food ready when I get home."
Luke - "I'm having a ton of fun!"
Joe - "I'm cold, I'm wet, I'm tired, I'm having a good time."

Just a few quotes from the boys. 

We caught the tail end of the tropical storm last night. The rain held off  until after the evening campfire. The rain didn't stop until mid-morning this time. Shane and Sherwin got pretty wet last night, and Joe slept in a homemade shelter for Wilderness Survival. The leaders took the three sleeping bags into town and ran them through a drier.

Tonight is staff night off. We will be cooking our own food in the campsite. There are no other activities this evening, so most of the boys will be asleep before dark.  

Today's photos are from the scouts in "Photography Merit Badge"

mini-0469631-R1-011-4.jpg (19110 bytes)
Melnard and Hal
mini-0469631-R1-015-6.jpg (29381 bytes)
Ethan and Sherwin working in Trading Post
mini-0469631-R1-021-9.jpg (25653 bytes)|
leaders at dinner
mini-0469631-R1-031-14.jpg (33450 bytes) mini-0469631-R1-033-15.jpg (32300 bytes)
parade ground
mini-0469631-R1-045-21.jpg (25195 bytes)
Troop "noodle" sign
mini-0469631-R1-053-25.jpg (25130 bytes) mini-0469633-R1-011-4.jpg (33697 bytes) mini-0469633-R1-015-6.jpg (35165 bytes) mini-0469633-R1-023-10.jpg (23716 bytes)

Friday July 8

The last day of classes. The Cope class finished up with a 450' zip line and the high course.

mini-2005-14.jpg (68879 bytes) mini-2005-36.jpg (57660 bytes) mini-2005-26.jpg (64972 bytes) mini-2005-12.jpg (124080 bytes)
mini-2005-25.jpg (56920 bytes) mini-2005-5.jpg (118989 bytes) mini-2005-8.jpg (106715 bytes) mini-2005-9.jpg (102760 bytes)

Saturday July 9

Here are the photos that the rafting company took for us from the shore line. We had several water proof cameras in the boats and will get those developed as well.

Hal, Jordan, Brad, Matt,
Michael Melnard, Raymond, and guide
mini-IMG_8979.JPG (106684 bytes) mini-IMG_8980.JPG (97663 bytes) mini-IMG_8983.JPG (90155 bytes) mini-IMG_8984.JPG (86309 bytes)
Ethan, Sherwin, Bob, Eddie, Shane, Patrick, Jonathan mini-IMG_9017.JPG (110079 bytes) mini-IMG_9018.JPG (99493 bytes) mini-IMG_9021.JPG (95107 bytes) mini-IMG_9022.JPG (88999 bytes)
Mark, Gabriel, Roy, Asher, Troop 62 mini-IMG_9031.JPG (87181 bytes) mini-IMG_9033.JPG (76277 bytes) mini-IMG_9035.JPG (93128 bytes) mini-IMG_9036.JPG (98595 bytes)
Troy, Roy, Andy, Troop 62 mini-IMG_9000.JPG (111763 bytes) mini-IMG_9001.JPG (85698 bytes) mini-IMG_9002.JPG (84584 bytes) mini-IMG_9003.JPG (74192 bytes)
Joe, Joseph, Luke, Stephan, Logan, Troop 66  mini-IMG_8999.JPG (111118 bytes) mini-IMG_9004.JPG (83652 bytes) mini-IMG_9005.JPG (81176 bytes) mini-IMG_9006.JPG (87519 bytes)
  mini-2005c5.jpg (76388 bytes) mini-2005-2.jpg (85210 bytes)    

Sunday July 10

We made it back after a nine hour drive. We will get the photos on a DVD for everyone later in July