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Boy Scout Troop 485 Jax, FL -
"Delivering the Promise"

Where is this place?

The camp is 312 miles from Jacksonville in North Carolina on the eastern edge Great Smokey Mountains. See the map to Camp Bob Hardin

There is more information on the Camp Diary page.

When does the Troop leave?

Troop 485 leaves Jacksonville on Sunday June 29 and returns on Sunday July 6. Bob, Eddie, and Ray will be driving up and spending the week with the Troop.

What is the weather like?

Cooler than Jacksonville, Florida!

The average July rainfall is about 4.5" -- bring a poncho.

What do I need to pack for camp?

Summer Camp Checklist - what each boy needs to bring for a week at summer camp. Pack in a duffle bag or other soft-side bag to make it easier to put in the car and under the bunks. Leave your big backpack at home. You may want a "day pack" for carrying stuff during the day. A school backpack can work well.

How much money do I need?

You will have paid for Camp Bob Hardin before we leave Jacksonville, but you will need some money for expenses.  At camp they recommend about $20 for soda, snacks, and ice cream.  It is better not to send too much for snacks to encourage eating in the dinning hall. The boy may also want a souvenir or money for crafts. 

A total of $30 should be enough -- a bit more if they like crafts. Remember that some merit badges have a extra fee -- this is outlined in the camp guide that was sent home.

Can I send a letter or "care package" to a scout?

All scouts love to get mail. First time campers might like a small "care package". 

For packages, parents might want to send the package on the Friday or Saturday before the boys leave for camp. This insures that the package will arrive by mid-week. Use this address:

Scouts Name
Troop 485
Camp Bob Hardin
805 Scout Camp Road
Saluda, NC  28773

Send things not bothered by the heat. Gum, hard candy, Pringles, and magazines are all popular items. Maybe a $5 bill for a trip to the trading post?

Can I phone a scout?

Incoming calls are for emergency use only.  There are pay phones available for use, but the boys must have a leader with them when calling. Cell phones don't work at camp. In an attempt to discourage homesickness, we ask that  you tell your son to not call home. Typically, a homesick Scout doesn�t improve if he calls home.

The leaders will call when we arrive at camp. A "phone tree" can be used to pass the word to the other parents.